Mario Party 9 - more details

- instead of moving around the stage separately, all players ride together in a vehicle
- only the player who is taking a turn gets the rewards
- collect as many Mini Stars as possible before the end
- earn them by landing on special spaces and playing mini-games
- purple mini Zstars remove stars from your inventory
- variety of dice: high number dice, dice that only roll 0 and 1
- board details: Toad Road has a broken bridge that cannot be jumped unless all players roll a sufficiently high number
- if you fall off the bridge, you enter a Mini Ztar-filled canyon
- Bob-omb Factory is littered with conveyer belts that change your course
- each board has a miniboss and a final boss
- in Bob-omb Factory, fight against a giant Whomp
- each player stands on a rotating platform while attempting to avoid being flattened by the stone creature
- mini-games include memory games (quickly count a horde of Goombas as they rush into their homes) to tests of your button-pressing skills (tap the proper buttons to climb a mountain) to more-physical activities (swing the Wii Remote to throw toppings on a pizza)

Thanks to Tyler for the heads up!

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