Pachter - Nintendo in disarray, blown it with Wii U, must launch at $249, Wii bubble has burst

“I think Nintendo is in disarray. I think they’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be. It’s going to launch at $249 because it has to. I think they’re dead anyway because Xbox with Kinect will be priced below that by the time they launch. Wii was a bubble and that the Wii bubble has burst. Nintendo Wii fans are now playing Farmville. The Wii was a bubble. The Wii bubble has burst.” - Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter

So Nintendo has blown the Wii U's chances by not stating price? I don't know any hardware manufacturer that talks price at the first unveiling of a system. Hell, most people that will own a Wii U don't even know about it yet!



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