Kid Icarus: Uprising - AR cards distribution limited, will mostly come from special events

Plan on collecting all the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards that Nintendo makes available? Good luck on that mission, my friend. Nintendo is going to make it quite tough to get all the cards. Here's the details on distribution methods...or lack thereof.

- cards will be available at events
- cards will also be available at tournaments
- some cards will come backed in magazines (like Game Informer)
- no plans to sell the cards at retail right now
- AR cards unlock idols and hearts
- cards also show character or item info
- scan cards to add the data to your game's 'vault'
- first round of cards called Series 1
- serial numbers indicate that there may be upwards of 329 cards
- cards cover every character, weapon, item, and ability
- starter sets at GDC were random packs of 10
- AR coding allows for up to 14,348,907 different cards

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Tags: 3ds, kid-icarus


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