Capcom's Kawata agrees with Inafune, says more Resident Evil offshoots on the way

The following comes from Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata...

"As Inafune said yesterday, perhaps we Japanese developers need to re-evaluate. I agree with portions of what he said. The reason is that he used to be my boss, and if I disagree with him… I'm just kidding.

I think we should be researching more, researching what the world wants and what sells around the world. I think we can study more and hopefully make more products that will be accepted and enjoyed around the world."

Kawata also pointed to the success of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries/Revelations as an indicator of more Resident Evil off-shoots in the future.

"I hear that they're going to be releasing a Resident Evil 6, but in addition to that I hope that we can continue to do these offshoot titles and expand the IP more. I really hope that, moving forward, we'll be able to make new Resident Evils for new markets… that people really won't know what's coming."



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