Sakaguchi talks Nintendo influence, collaboration on The Last Story

A portion of a CVG interview with Sakaguchi...

CVG: We love the small details and reactions in the world - bumping your head on signs, for example. They feel like quite a Nintendo touch to us - very Zelda-like. Were Nintendo's games an influence at all?

HS: A lot of these ideas just came from our staff joking around. We had a very good atmosphere in the development team and so were able to turn such joking around into something constructive, resulting in many amusing things like this being in the game.

CVG: What was it like to collaborate with AQ Interactive and Nintendo? How did that collaboration work out logistically?

HS: We've been working with Takuya Matsumoto's team at AQ interactive since Blue Dragon so we understand each other very well. And when working together for The Last Story I was able to just relax and work on the development stress-free. We also had an extremely good relationship with Nintendo who supported us with the development of the game.

CVG: Did you learn anything new from working with Nintendo?

HS: In terms of promotion, there were quite a few differences from what I had done in the past with Square, so I was able to learn lots from Nintendo. I really liked the approach of promoting the product without using fancy words or expressions and just telling it like it is, and so I came away with a very good impression.

Full interview here
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