Nintendo's Fiscal Year investors briefing - details, release dates, NSMB2 goes digital/retail

I'll be updating this post as the night goes on. Keep checking back for more details.

- 3 pokemon titles for DS in usa (Pokemon Conquest, Black/White 2)

- 3DS post xmas in japan success has accelerated while not overseas
- Only has 6 in top 20 titles in usa versus over 15 in top 20 in japan, usa should be 3x jp performance

- views super smach bros 2 as key to usa and will have long term demand
- 3ds has only 2, 3, 2 titles in top 20 in germany, france, spain respectively, 2 in UK

Nintendo DS

Pokemon Black/White – 14.71 million
New Super Mario Bros. – 29.09 million
Mario Kart DS – 22.57 million
Professor Layton and the Last Specter – 1.25 million
Kirby Mass Attack – 1.06 million

Nintendo 3DS

Super Mario 3D Land – 5.84 million
Mario Kart 7 – 5.24 million
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – 2.61 million
Pokemon Rumble Blast – 1.08 million


Mario Kart Wii – 32.44 million
New Super Mario Bros. Wii – 26.26 million
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: 3.52 million
Wii Sports – 79.60 million
Wii Sports Resort – 30.14 million
Wii Fit Plus – 20.48 million
Super Mario Galaxy – 10.68 million
Kirby’s Return to Dream Land – 1.31 million
Wii Play: Motion – 1.26 million

- WiiU - will launch this year in jp,us,eu and australia, more details at E3
- Wii U price will not be revealed at E3
- 3ds standard title globally includes mario kart etc, but also monster hunter, fire emblem, kid icarus, plus pokemon titles on ds will help
- Launching 3ds in korea tomorrow,planning other countries as well, now talking about the potential of digital
- New super mario bros 2 will be offered for packaged or full download to SD card
- Digital buys will also include retail as a place for payment and download, but said "it does look complicated" in demo
- game life is getting shorter, hence retailers carry fewer titles, digital will help retail as inventory risk reduced
- Don't expect a big price difference between retail and digital as digital will be sold at retailers, will be available at WiiU launch
- Digital pricing will be set by retailers and not Nintendo
- Overall focused on improving quality, and having long term relationship with customers, hopeful digital will long term

Corporate Management Policy Briefing/Financial Results Briefing for the 72nd Fiscal Term Ended March 2012 - Outline & Company President's Presentation

- Want to find Wii Sports equivalent for Wii U, cannot explain for competitive reasons, will not just rework Wii Sports for Wii U release
- Digital - on concerns download will take too long, said that's why can buy media direct or do so late at night
- WiiU - will need to consider social game play, cannot say more
- Won't comment on wholesale price to retail for digital versus packaged
- On hardware - customers don't want the console, they buy it for the software
- Have learnt lesson of 3ds launch, as a result WiiU will have very rich line-up from the beginning, a few rich titles
- Claimed overseas 3DS support was rising, will catch up to japan by E3 so not worried about jp v. international performance
- Forecast profit this year is not nintendo type and not a satisfactory level
- Demand for 3ds in eu/us has been been rather very weak, think 3rd year crucial and then if surge will achieve nintendo like profits
- Won't go all digital as it doesn't suit all users, want win-win relationship with retailers.
- Digital wholesale price will not be the same as packaged as inventory risk is different
- Iwata doesn't think retail margins will be coming down as a result of digital. Finished


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