RUMOR: Castlevania: Mirror of Fate/Lords of Shadow II - more details, Mirror of Fate's Wii U connection

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

- Nearly a 1.5 year development cycle.
- Stars two different playable characters.
- Features co-operative play with the prospect of 3DS and Wii U being able to interact with each other.
- 2D Castlevania experience.
- the goal was to find creative ways to utilize the 3DS’ cameras and this has been achieved due to the very name of the game, “Mirror of Fate”.
- The forward facing camera will act as a mirror and the outward facing cameras will come into play for a new puzzle solving mechanic.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II

- originally a Wii U version of Mirror of Fate was in the works
- the idea was that Mirror of Fate on Wii U would be the same game as its 3DS outing, with the Wii U controller serving as the 3DS' bottom screen and your TV as the top
- you would be able to play the game across both platforms
- this idea was put aside to instead bring an enhanced version of Lords of Shadow II over to Wii U
- development of Wii U’s own ground-up Castlevania sku could still happen



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