RUMOR - The state of affairs at High Voltage

UPDATE - Check out comment from High Voltage here.

I've had this info come across my virtual desk from a 100% trustworthy source. I believe my source completely. The only reasons I mark this rumor is because I haven't corroborated with High Voltage yet, and my source could have been fed some skewed details.

- The company has laid off many people in the past couple years.
- Many of the employees have been demoted to jobs well below their skill level.
- After employees were laid off, one of the studios producers purchased a new sports car.
- The company has some very good, talented people, but their work suffers under lackluster management.
-Animales de la Muerte is actually completed, but the studio has no interest in releasing it
- even the employees don't know why this is happening
- HVS showed off footage of Animales de la Muerte that didn't show any blood or gore, all in the hopes of getting cash for the project
- HVS is very upset that Sega shipped a very low amount of Conduit 2 copies to retailers.
- Conduit 2 features MotionPlus support, but there's no actual programming in the game's engine for it. In other words, it doesn't actually support the device.
- The studio is likely going to focus purely on licensed kids games with short development cycles of 4-5 months.
- it's also likely that the company is going to work on iOS games in the near future

I've reached out to High Voltage to try and get comment on these accusations. If/when they get back, I'll be sure to update.


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