Sony has respect for Nintendo as a 'highly successful competitor', will watch what happens with Wii U

We respect Nintendo as a highly successful competitor. Of course we will watch what they're doing with interest. It's a very interesting product they're bringing to market. I don't have a clear view on how successful it will be. And to a large extent it doesn't matter what I think. It matters what the great British public think. So we will see.

They certainly laid a broad church in terms of the list of features hopefully trying to have a broad appeal in the device. I don't think there will be huge volumes in the market this side of Christmas. I think they will pull in early adopters. It's probably one to be concerned about far more and watch more carefully into next year. But we feel very confident that in the PlayStation and we won't be going after the same niche early adopter market they'll be going after this Christmas. I think we're sitting in separate camps at this stage, so it won't be head to head.

If they gain real traction next year it becomes a more important factor in the mix. They've been a very key player in the market overall as you well know in recent years. So we have to respect that, watch that and do our best to compete with that. - Fergal Gara, Sony

I'm not shocked with the message in this statement, but I am shocked that Sony came out and said it. Basically, Sony admits that they're going to see how the Wii U does. If it does well, they'll adjust their business accordingly. Again, this is just business talk. You follow what's successful and try to put your own spin on it. Just to hear Sony openly admit it is the part that really gets me.

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