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Random Time!/RUMOR - Nintendo reps say Wii U '19 times more powerful' than PS3

by rawmeatcowboy
08 October 2012
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This one sounds absolutely unbelievable to me, to the point where it just seems silly. Check out this blurb from a Total Review article...

The actual console is significantly longer than I had anticipated, hinting at the level of power under the hood. Most people in attendance were surprised by this, having probably imagined the device to be about the same size as the original Wii console. Nintendo representatives on the day informed me that it was “19 times more powerful than PS3”.

First off, I don't believe the platform is anywhere near that powerful. Second, Nintendo isn't talking specific stats like this. Why would reps all of a sudden get the 'OK' to make claims like this?! Thanks to ZeldaFanboy for the heads up.