Japanese Nintendo Direct - live-stream/blog

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

- Jam With the Band heading to 3DS, due out next year
- Crashmo due out Oct. 31st for 700 yen
- Fluidity Spin Cycle due out this December
- more DLC for NSMB2 announced
- DLC Pack 4: Collect Golden Mushrooms
- DLC Pack 5: Challenge the Record
- both sets available after this Nintendo Direct in Japan
- other players can't come in and mess up your town
- Nintendo will make a town that you can come visit
- get a DJ K.K. shirt on the launch day of Animal Crossing
- Gracie Grace x Girls Mode collaboration for special clothing

- get a discount on the scheduling book if you register your purchase of Animal Crossing 3DS
- special edition Animal Crossing 3DS is sold out, but Nintendo will restock
- can swap content from SD card to another SD card using computer, data won't be wiped, can redownload if you need

- E.X. Troopers has over 20 characters, survival mode
- Gain experience and items for single-player in multiplayer. Up to 6P simultaneous play
- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS due out Nov. 23rd, use Pokemon to create your own garden, game will include paid DLC that is free for a limited time
- Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney will bring together both game worlds in multiple ways
- the main element of the game involves Layton getting wrapped up in a witch hunt/trial

- Paper Mario Sticker Star due out Dec. 6th
- Over 200 monsters in Toriko Gourmet Monsters

- Reco Choku is a music service for your 3DS. Service itself is free.

- Dragon Quest X hitting Wii U in 2013, Automated party creation was suggested, is being developed, furniture creation as well

- Play Dragon Quest X on Wii U with off-TV play, includes transparent keyboard overlay on touch-screen. Due out Spring 2013.

- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: customize your touch-screen on GamePad, Can use the GamePad as a data display and play with just the Pro Cont.

- online for Monster Hunter is free, 3DS DLC quests included in Wii U version
- Luigi's Mansion 2 hitting Japan Q1 2013

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