New Super Mario Bros. U - second round of new details

- Big Island included
- Torpedo Teds, Koopalings, Monty Moles all return
- Morton Jr. wields a giant hammer that can shape the platforms around you
- King Koopa’s personal airship will dive in for a battle
- Bowser Jr. is prone to ambushing you at random
- one fight with him takes place underwater with a Clown Submarine that is constantly launching torpedoes
- you have to guide the torpedoes back towards Bowser Jr.
- Challenge Mode levels offer tough challenges set in very simple level design
- challenge example: dodging fireballs thrown by two Fire Bros
- dodge for over 40 seconds to claim the best prize
- complete more objectives to unlock more in menus separated by broad type
- types include Boost Mode, coin collecting, gathering 1-Ups or one simply called - - - - Special example: get Monty to the finish by putting him on a raft, where he will constantly charge at you. Avoid him killing you or you killing him
- he’ll blindly scamper right off that raft
- there are other enemies that board the raft
- raft stops moving if more than 2 characters are on it
- more challenge examples: Make it through a ‘Big Island’ level without killing a single creature, make it through a stage without touching the ground, use a single turtle shell to score a certain amount of extra lives
- Coin Battle modes come from single player
- customize the level with coin placement
- craft coin for you and your friends

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