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Wii U Hardware

Does the Wii U support HD (High Definition)?

Yes, HD is supported. Wii software is only in SD (Standard Definition). When the Wii S-terminal cable or Wii AV cable are connected, Wii U software can also be displayed in SD.

Is anything needed other than what's included in the hardware sets?

Depending upon the game software, the Wii Remote Plus (Wii Remote), Nunchuk, Sensor Bar, or other accessories may be required. Please see the home page for each title for details. Wii owners may continue to use their Wii Remote Plus (Wii Remote), Nunchuk, Sensor Bar, and other accessories on the Wii U. Those without a Wii can purchase the "Wii Remote Plus Add-on Pack" sold separately.

Can the Sensor Bar built into the Wii U GamePad be used instead of a standard Sensor Bar?

It cannot. The Sensor Bar in the GamePad is for use only in software specifically built to make use of it, of which there are none as of December 8th, 2012 (launch date in Japan).

What are the differences between the Premium and Basic Sets?

The amount of internal storage memory for downloadable games and the system color are different.

Premium Set: 32 GB internal storage memory, system color in black only
Basic Set: 8 GB internal storage memory, system color in white only
Some software/offers/accessories are also included only in the Premium Set. See the home page for details (JP, NA, EU).

How many titles can the Premium and Basic Sets store in their internal storage memory?

The size of software titles will vary, so it's difficult to give a concrete answer. Please refer to the software size in the Nintendo eShop before purchasing. If there is insufficient internal storage memory, an external USB storage device can be connected to expand upon the internal storage memory. SD cards cannot be used to expand upon the internal storage memory. Details on USB devices confirmed to work will be posted in the following days.

Is it possible to copy or move software between the internal storage memory and an external USB storage device?

It is possible to move, but not to copy. For details, please select Data Management from the System Settings in the Wii U menu.

About Backwards Compatability

Can the Wii U play Wii or GameCube software?

Wii software, Wii Virtual Console software, and WiiWare can be played from the Wii Menu on the Wii U. GameCube software is not supported.

Can Wii U software be played on the Wii?


Can WiiWare or Wii Virtual Console software be purchased and downloaded on the Wii U?

Yes. They can be purchased by accessing the Wii Shopping Channel in the Wii Menu on the Wii U.

Can the Wii U GamePad be used to play Wii software?

No. The Wii U GamePad functionality is not available when using the Wii Menu.

Can I use all the functionality of the Wii when using the Wii Menu to play Wii software?

Most Wii software can be played, but WiiConnect24, among a few other functions, cannot be used.


Can children play the Wii U? (Are there any usage advisories?)

Children can play the Wii U, but several settings must be set when first powering on the device after purchase. Among these are parental controls that must be set by a parent or guardian when children are to use the Wii U.

What are the Parental Settings?

Depending upon the child, ratings system-based age limits and other usage restrictions can be put in place. See below for details.

Can a Wii U purchased in Japan play software from abroad, and vice-versa?

No. A Wii U system purchased in one region can only play games for that market.

Wii Data Transfer

Can WiiWare, Wii Virtual Console software, other downloads, save data, registered Wii Points, and so on be transferred to the Wii U?

Yes. By doing a Software and Data Transfer, WiiWare, Wii Virtual console software, and other downloads will be made available through the Wii Menu on the Wii U. See the home page for details (JP).

Can Mii characters from the Wii or 3DS be transferred to the Wii U?

Yes. Mii characters on the 3DS can be imported directly into the Mii Studio on the Wii U via QR Code or wireless transmission. Mii characters on the Wii can be imported into the Mii Channel in the Wii Menu. After that, Mii characters can be copied from the Mii Channel using a feature in the Wii U's Mii Studio.

What is required to transfer from the Wii to the Wii U?

The following is required: 1 TV (having 2 is convenient), the Wii U to transfer to, the Wii to transfer from, an SD Card (512 MB and larger), and an Internet connection. Even with only 1 TV, TV input can be switched back and forth to facilitate the transfer.

Built-in Software

About Miiverse

Do all software titles support Miiverse?

All software titles support Miiverse, with a few exceptions among the built-in software.[/b]

Is using Miiverse required to just play the games?

No, there is no requirement to use Miiverse.

What kind of things can be posted?

Game screenshots, keyboard text entry up to 100 characters, and hand-drawn messages can be posted.

Can foreign communities be viewed?

Foreign communities can be viewed and posted to.

About the Nintendo eShop

What does the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U offer?

The eShop offers game preview trailers, free demo downloads, Wii U game software download purchases, and so on. See the home page for details (JP, NA).

Where are downloadable software purchases stored?

Downloads can be stored either to the internal storage memory or to an external USB storage device. Saving to an SD Card is not supported.

What should be done when there is insufficient remaining space in the Wii U internal storage memory to download a new game?

Please increase the amount of available space by deleting unneeded data from the system's Data Management menu. Otherwise, use an external USB storage device to increase the amount of available space.

Can downloadable software stored on an external USB storage device be played on another Wii U system?

No. A given external USB storage device can be used with one Wii U system.

Can children be prevented from making download purchases?

Yes, by choosing the appropriate option in Parental Settings. See below for details.

Can presents be sent to other people like in the Wii Shopping Channel?

There is no present-sending feature like in the Wii Shopping Channel.

Can Wii Points on the Wii Shopping Channel or the remaining balance on the 3DS Nintendo eShop be used to make purchases?

No. Wii Points are only for the Wii Shopping Channel, and the remaining balance on the 3DS can be used only on the 3DS Nintendo eShop.

How long does it take to download purchased software?

The amount of time varies based on the size of the software and the customer's Internet connection. The progress of downloads can be checked through Download Management in the Home Button Menu.

Can Wii software be purchased and downloaded?

WiiWare and Wii Virtual Console software can be purchased through the Wii Shopping Channel in the Wii Menu.

About Nintendo x Joysound Wii Karaoke U (Japan-only)

Can Nintendo x Joysound Wii Karaoke U be played without an Internet connection?

Nintendo x Joysound Wii Karaoke U connects to the Internet to provide service. (The song selection functionality can be tried out even offline.) A trial disc playable for 1 month offline; players can choose 50 songs to sing from a selection of 10,000. Please see the Nintendo x Joysound Wii Karaoke U page for details (JP-only).

What is required to play Nintendo x Joysound Wii Karaoke U?

An Internet connection and a ticket valid for a certain time period are required. A microphone makes the experience more fun.

What kinds of microphones are supported?

USB microphones are supported. The following microphones have been confirmed to work: the Wii U Microphone [WUP-021], the USB Microphone and Microphone DX for Karaoke Joysound Wii. Up to 2 microphones can be connected. See microphone instruction manuals for how to use them.

Can the Wii U GamePad microphone be used to sing?

Yes, but USB microphones (sold separately) provide better audio quality.

About Wii U Chat

Who can Wii U Chat be used to talk to?

Only mutually-registered friends can use it to talk.

Are headsets supported?


Are there any fees to do teleconferencing?

The service is free, but associated Internet service fees may apply.

Can 3 or more people teleconference with each other?

Up to 2 Wii U systems can connect with one another.

About Mii Studio

Can Mii Parts in the Mii Studio be used on the Wii?

More parts are available than on the Wii. Parts are shared with the Mii Studio on the 3DS.

Can Mii characters from the Wii or 3DS be imported?

Yes. See above.


What are Users?

Personal save data management on the Wii U system is on a per-User basis. Before playing the Wii U, it's necessary to register a User. Up to 12 Users can be registered.

What is a Nintendo Network ID?

It's an ID that's required in order for a User to connect to the Internet. When creating a User that will connect to the Internet, it's necessary to set a password. By connecting to the Internet, User information is stored on a server external to the Wii U system, and all network functionality is enabled.

What information is required to obtain a Nintendo Network ID?

The following information is required: e-mail address, location information ("none" can be chosen), birthdate, and gender. Name, address, and credit card information are not required.

Can changes be made to registered User information?

Changes can be made through the User Settings menu. The Nintendo Network ID and birthdate cannot be changed.

Can a cell phone e-mail address be used to register for a Nintendo Network ID?

Yes. However, some cell phone e-mail services may have limitations such as character limits, so please be advised.

Why is an e-mail address required?

It's requiested so that account holders (or their parent or guardian) can retrieve a forgotten Nintendo Network ID password via e-mail.

What information is managed on a per-User basis?

The following: play history, the User's Mii, Parental Settings (excluding the Wii Menu), and game save data (some games may have save data shared by all Users). The following can be managed for network-enabled Users: friend information, Wii U Nintendo eShop balance, credit card information, purchase history, e-mail address, Nintendo Network ID, location information, birthdate, gender, and other registration information.

Can software downloaded by one User be played by other Users?

Yes. Purchased downloadable software is shared by all Users on the same Wii U system.

Can the remaining balance for individual Users be merged, divided, or transferred?


Can Users for children be created?

Yes. To register a Nintendo Network ID for children under 13, please use a parent or guardian's e-mail address. If there are several children, the same e-mail address can be used to register each of their Nintendo Network IDs.

About Parental Settings

The Wii U system has functionality to restrict the usage of features in Wii U software. Restrictions can be set on a per-User basis. Following are the main things that can be restricted.

Age restriction: age-inappropriate software based upon rating system information can be restricted from running. Purchases of age-inappropriate software from the Nintendo eShop are automatically blocked. To restrict Wii software, use the Wii Menu Settings.

Game software transmissions: game software communication features (chat and networked play, etc.) can be restricted.

Internet Browser usage: usage of the Internet Browser can be restricted in order to prevent the viewing of pages that may be inappropriate for children.

Purchases on the Nintendo eShop or other services: credit card usage and software purchases on the eShop and other services can be restricted.

Miiverse usage: viewing of and posting to Miiverse can be restricted in order to prevent the exchange of inappropriate content with other users.

Friend registration: friend registration can be restricted.

Video streaming: usage of video streaming services can be restricted.

Data management: the erasure and moving of Wii U software save data can be restricted. This cannot be restricted for Wii software on the Wii Menu.

Internet settings: the addition, changing, or deletion of Internet connections can be restricted.

Also, the addition of new users and the factory-resetting of the system are automatically restricted. The restriction of some features is done by connecting to the Internet. Some restrictions may change in system updates.

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