Ubisoft wanted to be '1st core' game on Wii U with ZombiU, upset with reviews, pleased with sales

"We wanted to be the first to offer a core gaming experience with the Wii U Gamepad. You can call it experimental, you can call us crazy but that’s what we wanted to do." - Ubisoft's Guillaume Brunier

ZombiU is certainly a core experience...one that seems to be a bit too much for some reviewers out there. Mr. Brunier commented on the early reviews for ZombiU, which didn't quite sit well with the team.

We were really disappointed with the early US reviews. We are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the experience we created but we did not expect so harsh a feedback. However as more and more journalists and gamers played the game, these opinions proved to be a minority. So right now we’re rather pleased with the overall reception of the game.

As more customers pick up the Wii U and try out ZombiU for themselves, things seem to be going well. Mr. Brunier didn't talk specific sales, but did say that Ubisoft is pleased with how things are going, with ZombiU being "among the best selling launch titles on Wii U".

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