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Chotto Nintendo Direct: Dragon Quest X

by rawmeatcowboy
19 December 2012
GN Version 4.0

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- Iwata apologizes for #WiiU Premium Set shortages. Wii #DQX system update, program start loading times to be addressed
- beta starts around Feb. Hold onto your voucher from the Premium/MH Set. Reg.details
- 2nd update coming late Dec
- Magic Labyrinth. Layout changes each time your party enters. Party auto-matching = quick starts. Rare treasure from boss.
- New jobs: magic warrior, superstar. Level limit upped to 60. Newly-reincarnated monsters. Mystery item drawings, dress-up.
- Carpentry, sewing, item crafting, furniture production introduced. New home items. Friend invite campaign through 1/15.
- Special campaign hats for double EXP while leveling together through level 20.
- Battle While Out on #eShop released 12/12 for 600 yen. Earn items for the online game.
- players on Wii will be able to upgrade to the #WiiU download version at half-price. Details to be on homepage.