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Steel Penny Games turned off by WiiWare experience, bringing games to 'less gimmicky' systems

by rawmeatcowboy
11 January 2013
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"Our experience with WiiWare showed how little actual desire Nintendo had in supporting a positive and frictionless player experience, as well as in promoting rehashed games on par or above original content on WiiWare that were ostensibly the crown jewel of Nintendo's networking strategy. Maybe that has changed, but based on the lackluster hardware specs and Nintendo's traditionally poor online offering, I had not picked them as specifically viable in the next generation of consoles. I would work on their hardware again if it seemed to be a clear winner, but for the time being, we are going to platforms where users are, and looking to make games that are less gimmicky and have the possibility to transcend platforms." - Steel Penny Games founder Jason Hughes

There you go, let the hate flow through you! I'm sure the WiiWare experience soured quite a few devs, but at least indies seem to be willing to support Wii U's eShop. Maybe Mr. Hughes will gives things another go once he sees more indie success.