RUMOR - First details on Sonic's next outing, hitting Wii U and 3DS

The following info supposedly comes from an inside source...

- SEGA to reveal a new Sonic the Hedgehog game next month
- won’t be announced until mid-February
- due out on Wii U, PS3, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PC, and “Next gen” consoles
- console, PC and PS Vita versions will be identical aside from the graphical differences
- 3DS version will be another Sonic Rush styled game
- console version of this new game will be sticking with the recent formula
- gameplay switches between full 3D movement and 2D side-scrolling sections
- multiple routes through a stage
- incentive to play through all routes
- each route in a stage will lead to one of two or three exits
- the end of each will take you to a different stage
- you will always end up at the same final stage, though
- working to make at least 20 different stages, not including boss battles.
- begin the game with Sonic and unlock other characters to play as by completing stages
- example: you might unlock Knuckles in any one of three stages. Sometimes, if you already have a character that would be unlocked first, a different one may be unlocked.
- roughly 10 different characters to play with
- no new characters
- each character will have their own skills
- example: Sonic and Shadow not being able to make it up a wall, while Tails can easily fly up there or Knuckles can climb
- stages can be replayed with any character of your choice
- 3DS info: “similar in idea, but smaller in scope”
- devs are trying to fit all of the characters into the 3DS game, but it will feature far fewer stages
- 3DS still features many paths through stages
- 3DS will only ever branch off into 2 stages
- been in the works since before Sonic Generations
- due out this Fall/Autumn, or at the latest, Winter



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