GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Rayman Legends delay/multiplatform release: What's a fan to do?

Quite a crappy day for Wii U fans, right? Not news that we wanted to hear. You have to take good with the bad, but the bad always fires you up more. Hopefully this article helps you to cool off! You read up and I'll see you in a few, short hours.

Feature by Kevin Cassidy (RawmeatCowboy)

Rough day for Wii U owners today. Rough day for Rayman fans as well. I'm sure you already know now, but just incase you don't, here's the delay. Rayman Legends has been delayed until September, all because the game is going to 360/PS3 as well. A really tough pill to swallow with the game's supposed Wii U release just a few weeks away. This was a big title that many Wii U fans were eager to get their hands on.

Talk about being completely blindsided. Most of us were looking forward to the end of the month as our chance to go hands-on with Rayman Legends, the sequel to the award-winning Rayman Origins. Gorgeous platforming with unique GamePad usage, starring a character that never seems to get the attention he deserves. Now the release comes to us at the end of Summer...and won't be Wii U exclusive.

Nintendo fans absolutely exploded across the internet today, voicing many an angry opinion. Messageboards were overflowing with anger. The Miiverse was pumped full of feisty comments aimed at tearing down Ubisoft. Ubisoft's Facebook page became quite...colorful. Without a doubt, Ubisoft knows that Nintendo fans are not pleased, to say the least.

Now...what to do with all that anger? Some people have already decided to boycott the game. Others are saying Ubisoft just killed their own game, seeing as how Rayman Legends is now going to launch alongside other heavy-hitters near the holiday season. Online petitions have been started to fire back at Ubisoft. These are all options, but are they the best thing to do?

A dev that worked on Rayman Legends took to the internet with an important message. He said that the dev team felt just as hurt as the rest of us. The delay of the game/push to multiplatform was a shock to them as well. They worked very long hours to push for a February launch, doing away with family/friend/personal time. They crunch and crunch, only to find out their hard work has been pushed until September...with more to come for 360/PS3.

The main point this dev wanted to make came to the consumer/game relationship. He didn't want people to crap on the game because of Ubisoft's decision. This is a title that these devs are very proud of and have put a ton of work into. The game itself is going to be fantastic, but now the devs are worried that people will ignore their title all because of this mess. Just imagine putting in years of work on a project, only to have a fiasco come up like this and bite you in the ass? The poor devs had nothing to do with the decision. This move for delay/multiplatform came from higher up.

So...what do we do? What are you feeling about the situation? How do you let Ubisoft know about how you feel, all while not screwing over the devs? It's certainly a catch-22. I can understand all the anger, petitions, boycotts and all that. It's what people do when they're angry. I can understand not wanting to support Ubisoft in this decision...but how do you do that without hurting the devs?

Rough, rough situation. There's no wrong or right answer, but I wanted to see how you felt. We've all had a few hours to think on the matter. Now that things are settling in your mind, what do you plan to do with Rayman Legends? Not going to buy a copy anymore? Going to buy all versions to support the devs? Push for a petition that gets Ubisoft to release the Wii U version earlier? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
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