GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - What's a Wii U owner to buy?

Crappy weather here lately. Sleet, snow, freezing rain. If you're experiencing the same weather, please travel safely and stay warm. If you're enjoying nice weather, send some our way! See you in a few, short hours.

Times are tough for the Wii U owner. We're still within Nintendo's 'launch window' for Wii U, but that window seems to be just barely open. There really aren't many titles to look forward to, especially when it comes to retail. We have LEGO City Undercover as a big blip on the radar, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...and then what?

Rayman Legends would have certainly helped fill out part of the launch window, but we all know how that went. Still, that single game would have certainly made it a tad harder for non-Wii U owners to stay away from the system. A sequel to a multi-award winner going solo on the Wii U was a big deal. Now that deal is just a pipe dream.

We had Aliens: Colonial Marines to look forward to, but the rash of reviews this morning have really put the writing on the wall. It seems like the game, even after 6 years of development, is quite the mess. Even the best of the reviews are average, at best. I'm sure more review scores will come in, but so far the picture painted isn't a pretty one.

We have the eShop left as our last hope for some entertaining gaming while we wait for E3 to sneak up on us. Release dates on the eShop move around even more than retail, so who knows when we'll go hands-on with big-name games. Runner 2 and Toki Tori 2 are certainly stand-outs, but there are other notable titles peppered in there as well. If we could only pin down release dates.

So yes...what's a Wii U owner to do? We have other entertainment choices on the system, so we can always utilize Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video on Demand and so on. But still, we are all hungry for games! Just how empty is your stomach feeling right about now? Are you at a slight rumble or a full-on growl?
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