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- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - fill a balloon with your Poltergust to travel up/down in some areas. Encounter stairs, clocks and other objects that have been taken over by ghosts. Stun ghosts with the strobe bulb before capturing. Some ghosts hold items or use sunglasses to block the strobe bulb. Boos make an appearance. Some ghosts attack from behind. Ghost dog loves gold and will run off with any gold it can find. Chase after it using the darklight device to follow his footprints. Multiplayer lets you hunt down hidden ghost dogs as well as racing the clock, besides the already announced mode.

- Mario and Luigi series getting new installment. Setting of the game is Luigi's dreams. Touch Luigi's face as he sleeps to solve puzzles. Have multiple Luigis come in and help you during battle. Game is called Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Due out this Summer.
- new Mario Golf game coming to 3DS. Features wide range of courses, including traditional courses and ones inspired by Mario's worlds. Developed by Camelot. Includes supershots. Mario Golf World Tour due out this Summer.
- New Super Mario Bros. U DLC changes existing courses into new courses. Developing a new adventure starring Luigi called New Super Luigi U. Mario does not appear in the game. This is a large-scale DLC. Will take some time to create. Due out on Wii U eShop this year.
- The Legend of Zelda Miiverse community to be opened today. Aonuma to make an appearance from time to time.
- Existing Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC being discussed. New DLC coming in the months head. Today, two new maps are available. Champions of Yore 3 fo $2.50. The Golden Gaffe available today. It's the first available in a set. Costs $2.50. Special SwapNote coming.
- Animal Crossing: New Leaf to be released on June 9th in the states, June 14th in Europe
- EU: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate bundles for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS coming March 22nd, as well as Circle Pad Pro XL
- Donkey Kong Returns 3D under development, due out this Summer. will be available both at retail and via download. Trailer on eShop today. Remake of the Wii game.

- Style Savvy: Trendsetters and Liz Lisa clothing content being swapped between Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Content hitting Style Savvy today.
- EU: White and Black 3DS XL systems are coming very soon, Monster Hunter demos coming next week

- new costumes and Ninja Missions for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
- Wii Street U for Wii U available now

- HarmoKnight due out March 28th, demo due out the week before
- Kersploosh is a 3DS eShop title that has you diving down wells, comes out March 7th in the states, February 28th in Europe named Splash or Crash
- Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move. Due out on 3DS eShop soon. For Europe listed as Q2.
- Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Range. Action tower defense. Recruit new allies by beating them. Involves StreetPass interaction. Due out April 11th.
- Euro-exclusive: Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL incl. Fire Emblem: Awakening from 19 April
- EU: Etrian Odyssey 4 is coming to Europe this Spring, Castlevania: LoS - MoF on March 8
- 3DS VC - Harvest Moon, Legend of the River King. Due out in the coming months.
- Namco Bandai, Capcom and SEGA come together in Project X Zone, this summer on Nintendo (Europe)
- New 3DS promotions. Select eShop games on sale today.
- EU: Every week a retail title will be slashed in price on 3DS eShop. This week Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for €29.99
- The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concerts are coming to London, Paris and Berlin
- EU: Inazuma Eleven 3 will be remade for the Nintendo 3DS and be released in Europe. Two versions. 2200 characters and 250 moves.
- BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 due out February.
- EU: Action RPG Code of Princess is coming to 3DS eShop this spring in Europe.
- Toki Tori 2 due out this March

- Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate is coming exclusively to #3DS on 3/5. Demo in #eShop on 2/28

- EU: Build your own Pokémon Paradise and play with friends in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, from May 17 on Nintendo 3DS
- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is on #WiiU and Nintendo #3DS w/ cross platform play on 3/19. Demo in #eShop on 2/21.

- Injustice: Gods Among Us uses the GamePad for off-screen play or as a quick moves list. Coming to #WiiU 4/16.
- March 5: Castlevania LOS Mirror of Fate 3DS. Demo on eShop Feb. 28th.

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