GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Where does Ubisoft stand with you now?

Man, I felt like the weekend took forever to get here. Maybe that's because it was such a busy week! Very happy to have a weekend just around the corner. I need some rest and relaxation...and games! See you in a few, short hours.

Ubisoft has certainly been up and down with Nintendo fans lately. They really seem to be interested in supporting the Wii U moreso than other third parties, but more recently, they created quite the wall of anger. A last-minute delay of Rayman Legends caused a lot of pain for Wii U owners, which turned into rage-filled posts against the company. What could Ubisoft do to rebound?

They tried to make people happy by announcing another exclusive Wii U demo for Rayman Legends, but that didn't really do the trick. That seemed to make people even more angry. We don't want another demo of a game that should have been out later this month! This move was going from bad to worse in the eyes of many.

Then things started to change a bit. Ubisoft devs came out and supported fans that protested Ubisoft's offices in the name of the Rayman delay. It was very clear that the devs were just as upset as fans were. They didn't put in long hours just to get their game delayed at the last second. They also reached out to fans, begging them not to take out their anger on a game that they've worked so hard on.

A little bit later, we find out that the exclusive demo was skipped over in exchange for something a bit juicier. Wii U owners will have access to all sorts of online modes/challenges this April, including one more that is Wii U only. While we won't have the full game to play, we'll at least be enjoying a part of it while we wait for the final release.

Then Ubisoft dropped a big bomb just this week. Watch Dogs, which was rumored for Wii U, was confirmed via press release. The retail listings were indeed spot-on. That one piece of news really seemed to push Ubisoft back in the favor of many. Our post of the confirmation received 85 positive votes...and just 3 negative. Compared to the negative/positive results of the Rayman Legends delay on our site, these two reactions couldn't be more night and day.

I have to ask...after all these ups and downs, where does Ubisoft sit with you? Have they fallen out of your good graces forever? Have their steps since the delay made you a bit more happy with them? Are you slowly letting their products back into your life? Leave a comment and let us know!
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