Capcom explains why they are remaking DuckTales, in the works for 2.5 years

Coming from Capcom's Christian Svensson...

Frankly, you guys asked for it, here on Capcom-Unity. That's why.

About two and a half years ago I started working toward this with Disney because people here kept asking for it (and because I'm a fan too). About a year and a half ago I completed the general outlines of the deal. Disney was on board (and really excited). I then sold the whole concept of the project to Japan as we took it through greenlight.

Wayforward was actually Disney's suggestion given their creative director's LOVE for the original and after we did due diligence we totally agreed. Matt Bozon is a star and their experience with Shantae, Contra 4 and Mighty Switch Force made them the right choice. Jake K. ("Virt") on the music was also a deal sealer for us. They've been wonderful to work with and we've kept this title very underwraps, even internally. For example, I don't think anyone in Japan has even seen a build at any point so far (maybe until today :)).

As for the future, I'd like to not get ahead of ourselves. I'm thrilled at the fan response this morning but for the moment, we're going to stay focused on making this project a success. If it works, we can think about other opportunities later but let's not put the cart before the horse. :)

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