Nintendo Entertainment System Deluxe may be saved from recycling program at the cost of a job (UPDATE)

Wouldn't you love to have that set? One guy certainly would, but his orders from work were to destroy it. Why does this set have to get crushed? Because that guy happens to work at Best Buy, and the bundle was brought in as part of the company's Renew Blue recycling program. Either the set gets recycled or the employee gets in trouble. Looks like this employee is risking his job to save the bundle.

I tried everything I could at a store level to get the ok to take it...but to no avail...So now the gloves are off. I'm not letting him pull the plug on my Nintendo baby that is on life support, hidden from bad corporate policy. At this point this mission is a must. I'm doing it for everyone that's ever had a R.O.B.

Would you give up your job to save an NES and R.O.B.? Before you say no, picture R.O.B.'s glassy eyes staring at you as you crammed him into his grave.


UPDATE - Crisis averted!

"We are in the process of retrieving the robot and gaming system from the store so that we may put it on display here at our corporate headquarters in Richfield. A bit of nostalgia that our employees and visitors alike, are sure to enjoy! We recycle virtually any consumer electronic device out there, but as you can imagine an item like this is fairly unusual and we can see why it captivated our employee’s imagination." - Best Buy spokesman Jon Sandler
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