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Chotto Nintendo Direct - 3DS Download Software

by nintendaan
01 April 2013
GN Version 4.0

- Chotto Direct is about 3DS eShop titles. Opens with Rolling Western sequel, which is coming on April 10 for 2000 Yen.
- Freakyforms Deluxe is also coming on April 10, for just 1200 Yen.
- There will be download cards in shops for both titles.
- There will be special card packages, with a special Mario AR cards and an app. App made by Galaxy and 3D Land team.
- 1000 Yen package Goomba card, 2000 Yen Mario card and 3000 Yen Peach card.
- These special Mario AR + Yen card packages will appear in shops on April 23rd.
- Other variations: 1000 Yen Koopa, 2000 Yen Luigi, 3000 Yen Browser.
- If you decide to download a full retail first party game and fill in a questionnaire, you could get a 500 Yen card.
- This campaign will run from April 1st till May 6th.