Indie dev says Nintendo going out of their way to pamper indie crowd

Coming from an indie dev over at NeoGAF, in response to Avalanche's comments about Nintendo being hard to get in touch with.

We are a tiny indie developer and NEVER had issues to get in contact with Nintendo. They invited us to a conference in Madrid and are constantly checking what we are doing.

So my impression of Nintendo and their relations to indie is completely different. As a matter of fact they are going out of their way to pamper us. Nintendo is doing a lot to work with indies. Also, I find it funny that people keep forgetting that Nintendo were the first ones to strike a deal with Unity to drop all license cost to publish on their console.

Two sides of the same coin, I guess. Maybe Avalanche did have trouble reaching out. Maybe they didn't really try. I think we all know that Nintendo is pushing hard for indies right now. Perhaps Nintendo feels the majority of traditional third parties are a loss. Thanks to Emily for the heads up!


UPDATE - WayForward chimed in to echo these statements...

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