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Insomniac not ruling out Fuse Wii U port, wants more 1st party franchises on Wii U

by rawmeatcowboy
14 May 2013
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Coming from a DigitallyDownloaded interview with Insomniac CEO, Ted Price...

“We have to be selective because it’s easy to start to stretch yourself too thin. So we’re careful about where we go. One of the questions I got a lot of early on was 'why aren’t you developing for the Wii U?' and the answer was simply bandwidth. We had to focus on delivering a great game on multiple platforms, but there’s a point where we had to make hard choices, and for us we needed to limit the number of platforms for FUSE.”

With that said, Price wouldn't rule out a port in the future.

“But we’re not ruling out anything in the future. We are a content creator and we want to reach as large of an audience as we can.”

For now, Price wants to see more first party big-name titles on the Wii U.

“As a player what I would love to see is more of those games that I grew up with. Zeldas, Marios, Metroid - those are the games I look for from Nintendo, and I hope more of them come out for the Wii U.”

Thanks to CoffeewithChess for the heads up!