Digimon World Re:Digitize - changes from PSP to 3DS

- view a summary of previous game events
- these are separated into chapters
- events chosen were those that the director and producer felt would appeal to Digimon fans
- they also felt they balanced the main scenario out
- one of the challenges that they faced was incorporating the popular X-Antibody and Demon Lord storylines
- the end of the Vitium arc opens directly into the Demon Lords arc
- changes were made to the main scenario
- this started from the prologue
- enormous changes were made to the opening to give a different “atmosphere” to the game
- the producer wanted to balance out the original arc
- this was about the battle against the Vitium
- there are no proper “dungeons” in Digimon World Re:Digitize
- there are only fields
- Decode features Infinity Mountain, which was recreated to have a completely different playing style
- it was remade into a dungeon with a different playing style
- proper maps with traps were created
- there are some traps added purely for humor as well
- Infinity Mountain is also 100 levels
- it features save points and the devs made sure the challenge wasn't impossible
- given the option to retrieve Digimon whose data you’ve stored in the Digitorage
- use favorite Digimon you’ve previously raised in Infinity Mountain
- Digimon always appear around the same size after a certain point
- in Infinity Mountain, the Digimon were made to appear as large as they did in the anime
- the effects of the irregularities in the Digital World in the Real World weren’t clearly shown
- they used the character Rina Shinomiya to comment on events in the real world and explain what’s going on starting from the start of the game
- Rina was more “the second protagonist who watches over the events from the human world.”
- this is why she wears goggles like the majority of the previous franchise protagonists
- the number of Digimon was also greatly increased to 162 Digimon that you can raise
- popular suggestions from fans include “Digimon that had appeared in the anime”
- another suggestion is “Digimon that had appeared in the first Digimon World game”
- this led to the inclusion of Tyrannomon
- devs set a final form to Tyrannomon while discussing with Digimon designer Kenji Watanab
- Ogremon now has an ultimate form
- every single Digimon has their own personality and shape
- dividing the time and budget was difficult
- the producer stated that he wanted to increase the richness of the Digimon’s actions, such as creating unique eating motions, increasing the number of battle attack motions
- this would decrease the number of Digimon that could appear, so he decided against it

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