Sonic Lost World - Frozen Factory detail

- full-blown casino zone
- name relations to levels will make more sense once more is revealed about the game
- casino complete with huge poker chips, coins and deadly spinning dice
- also has lasers that shoot out from the walls
- one ball-shaped enemy with a shield requires running behind him to attack
- silver coins that you can pick up for points
- cash them in for access to other parts of the stage
- they float in the air above and behind Sonic
- cash in coins at one point to open the pinball segment of the stage
- here you'll see the Miles' name in the stage decoration
- flip Sonic into a certain catch to get out of the pinball machine area
- hidden optional pinball stage sections to find on your own
- run from huge runaway slot machine wheels.
- some zones have numbered rings to run through
- progress is permitted only after running through them in order
- level is a cylinder that can be explored fully
- end of the level has more lasers and a bell that bounces around between multiple laser paths

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Tags: 3ds, wii-u, sonic, sega


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