Just Dance 2014 UK TV commercial causing an uproar over misheard lyrics

Here's one of the UK commercials for Just Dance 2014. Have a listen and see if you hear anything offensive.

Did you hear anything to upset you? The problem comes up at the 10 second mark, where Nicky Minaj utters the line, “My name is Onika, you can call me Nicki”. Unfortunately, some people believe Ms. Minaj is saying 'N*****' instead of 'Onika'.

This line is causing complaints to be fired at both Nintendo and Ubisoft, with people reaching out via Twitter to discuss the topic. Neither side has commented on the matter.

From my understanding, Nicki never says 'N*****' in either the clean or dirty version of the song. People are just mishearing it as that. I've done some research, and you can hear the uncensored version of the song here and the clean version here. I've also read lyric sheets that all say 'Onika' at the same spot.



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