GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Week of Nintendo Love with Michael Pachter!

I bet you guys weren't expecting this one! Very happy to bring it to you. Who knows, maybe it'll change a few opinions on Pachter! See you in a few, short hours.

I told you guys I was going all-out this week! It's absolutely insane that I got to kick off this week with Zelda Williams. Once again, this was only possible because of your support. Now the week rolls on with a voice you may not have expected to hear from in this feature!

Michael Pachter is hated by many a Nintendo fan. I know that some of his words seem to be quite harsh. I also know that sometimes it seems like Mr. Pachter says things to rile up fans. That's why I worked with him awhile back on an interview to see what really made him tick. That seemed to go over quite well, but since then we've seen more than a fair share of Pachter complaints.

I figured this week would be perfect to see what Pachter has to say about Nintendo when coming from a positive mindset. I wasn't looking for analysis or commentary. I just wanted to see what it was about Nintendo that Pachter does enjoy. Even though sometimes it seems like he wants nothing to do with the Big N, he also had some very positive opinions about Nintendo during the early/mid days of Wii and DS.

So what does Pachter have to offer for our week of Nintendo love? I'll let him do the honors. HUGE thanks to Pachter for jumping in on this.


The following comes from Michael Pachter.

I think my “fondest” memory of Nintendo came during Super Mario Galaxy 1. I had played Nintendo games for over 20 years (including Donkey Kong in arcades), and although there were many Nintendo games I didn’t finish, the reason was largely frustration or boredom if I didn’t finish. The ones I did finish were fun, but until Super Mario Galaxy, I don’t think I ever felt compelled to not only finish the game, but to capture all of the big trophies in the game; in this case, it was the green stars. I remember getting to the end of the game, and having only two green stars. That caused me to go back to every level with a question mark and replay the level, and even then, although I knew which level contained the elusive star (I think it was the second star), I couldn’t complete the level without actually resorting to a walk-through guide.

It was that day that I realized the phenomenal level of detail Nintendo puts into its games, while keeping all of them approachable for a large audience. I had finished several before, but had never felt compelled to “cheat”, and although I had “cheated” before by using a walk through for games like GTA, I had never done so with a Nintendo game.

I write and speak a lot about Nintendo. Although I have been consistently critical of their hardware strategy, I have never criticized their games, and I don’t think I ever will.
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