Turn-based RPG 'Aria Chronicle' heading to Switch in Winter 2020


A princess of the Tamageria kingdom, Aria, made her pilgrimage with Paladin Tila and secretary Gerom to the edge of villege, Latebra,and she noticed Lord Tyler was missing when she gets there, and Aria and her companies found out that mysterious organization, Cult was involved in this case and fight with the denomination.
In the middle of this journey, you become realizing the identity of the elders in Latebra with the truth in the past and the power hidden in Aria. Let's explore this exciting story!

[Unique Characters and Monsters]

Unlike her innocent appearance, the heroine, Aria is a princess with a firm, righteous will. Aria's aide, Tila, a female paladin, has a tall, solid body equipped with a thick, strong armor.
and their companion, Gerom is a mischievous young clerk - there are unique, distinctive individuals in the game.
The monsters in Dungeon are also made up of unique designs. Sometimes they look weak but have their own lethal moves,
so the catch-up elements for players are distributed everywhere.

[Deep Strategy System with Flexibility]

The game offers flexibility, and it will be challenging for players to predict what lies ahead of them while playing.The basic structure of the game is that Aria parties with heroes, who have more than a dozen types of skills and roll the attacks to dungeons, but it has a highly free system, which allows herself to choose 14 distinct occupations and even make different skill trees to create her own heroes.

Dungeons are also created randomly, therefore, you have to explore the map anew every time you go through a mission.

In the combat, strategic thinking is needed to enable your colleagues to exercise their combat power properly,
such as the case of letting the hero alone being in a coma, followingly death, or the loss of his ability as degraded by his mission, or the departure of the battle as he pleases.

The natural fact, which humans get tired and be hurt as they continue to fight over and over, is well-reflected in this game so that players can enjoy real battle!

ARIA CHRONICLE makes you submerge in the storyline, with the full, rich expression of animated graphics and characters!
For those who want to enjoy turn-based RPGs properly, or experience all the entertainment elements including high quality stories, monomyths, action-packed battles, adventures, and suspense, please give yourself a try on ARIA CHRONICLE, the game that makes you feel excited just by hearing about it!

Try this turn-based strategic role-playing game!

Find yourself exploring a small village in the countryside, where you can experience the great story and the hidden truth it has!

Aria Chronicle will see release on Switch sometime in Winter 2020. When a more specific date is shared, we'll bring that info to you.

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 778

The one where we talk about Playboy

Thanks to @KrazyKernal for the awesome artwork!

You want Paper Mario: The Origami King impressions? We've got them! You want funny childhood stories? We've got that! You want talk about pop culture? We've got that too! This show is PACKED with all sorts of topics! From the latest Nintendo news to off-the-wall chats, this episode has it all!

Download Episode 778!

Switch eShop file size round-up: Collar X Malice: Unlimited, Bossgard, Banner of the Maid, and more

Make way!

Getting ready to download some digital games? Time to shuffle some things around on your microSD card! Check out the file sizes for the next round of upcoming games below.

Collar X Malice: Unlimited – 6.0GB
Sentinels of Freedom – 5.2GB
Caretaker – 4.2GB
Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars – 3.0GB
Banner of the Maid – 2.4GB
One Dog Story – 1.7GB
Aery: Broken Memories – 1.4GB
Mittelborg: City of Mages – 1013MB
Bossgard – 986MB
Lost Wing – 594MB
Tanky Tanks – 478MB
Pangeon – 412MB
Aircraft Evolution – 404MB
Cubicity – 390MB
Rainswept – 389MB
Max and the Book of Chaos – 366MB
Ageless – 316MB
Need a Packet? – 251MB
Home Run High – 199MB
Waifu Uncovered – 176MB
Explosive Dinosaurs – 175MB
Get 10 Quest – 130MB
Ultra Hat Dimension – 89MB

Game Mill running a Super Summer Sale on the Switch/3DS eShop

Game Mill is offering up some special sale prices for their Super Summer Sale, which is running on the Switch/3DS eShop until July 29th, 2020. Check out the deals below, some of which are up to 75% off!

HORI Fighting Commander Switch controller now available

Give yourself a fighting chance

If you play a lot of fighting games, you'll know how important it is to have the right gamepad or arcade stick. It can make certain combos easier to perform and will often give you a competitive edge in battle. Japanese accessory manufacturer HORI might have already released a number of controllers for the Nintendo Switch, but it's not done yet. The latest one it's just released for the hybrid system is the Fighting Commander. This is a similar but different gamepad to the models previously released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

- Wired Pad designed for fighting games
- 6 button layout & assignable shoulder buttons
- D-Pad function toggle switch
- Officially Licensed by Nintendo
- 'R' and 'ZR' buttons on the front
- Turbo functions

You can grab a HORI Fighting Commander controller for Switch via Walmart for $40. Place your order right here.

Quick snippet of No More Heroes 3 off-screen footage pops up in the Devolver Direct

We see you, Travis!

Just like previous Devolver Digital presentations, today's Devolver Direct was all over the place. You never know what you're going to see, and today that included a very quick snippet of No More Heroes 3 footage. You can see the entire glimpse in the GIF above, which is barely a couple seconds long.

This is the second time Suda51 has teased No More Heroes 3 footage. The first time around, he stood in front of the gameplay the entire time, blocking most of the screen. At least this time around we can see the action!

GameSpot Videos - Olija and Carrion gameplay

Want a better look at Devolver's Switch titles that they showcased during their presentation? Check out more gameplay for each above!

Olija is headed to Switch in 2020 from Devolver Digital, new trailer released

Finally making its way to Switch this year!

A new trailer for Olija from developer Skeleton Crew Studio has been released by Devolver Digital. Now planned for launch on Switch sometime in 2020, check out the new "coming soon" trailer above and game's official website here!

Olija is a game about Faraday's quest, a man shipwrecked then trapped in the mysterious country of Terraphage. Armed with a legendary harpoon, he and other castaways try to leave this hostile country to return to their homelands.

Through adventurous exploration, narration and razor sharp combat, the player will discover a strange world and its inhabitants, including Olija, an enigmatic lady that Faraday finds himself bound to over time. Inspired by swashbuckling tales and cinematic adventure games, Olija is a story about facing the unknown in adversity.

Carrion is coming to Switch on July 23rd, 2020 from Devolver Digital

Play as a amorphous creature!

Devolver Digital has announced the release date for the reverse horror game "Carrion" from developer Phobia Game Studio, coming to Nintendo Switch on July 23rd. Now available to download from the eShop, check out the brand new trailer above!

CARRION is a reverse horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. Grow and evolve as you tear down this prison and acquire more and more devastating abilities on the path to retribution.

Devolver Direct 2020 - live-blog/stream

What craziness does Devolver have for us this year?

Devolver Digital's 2020 "Direct" presentation is about to begin (12 PM PST) as a part of Summer Game Fest, with plenty of new games, new gameplay, and release date announcements! Watch the stream here (simulated gore, violence, blood, & language warning) or check out the live-blog below for all of the Nintendo Switch related news.

- New trailer and release date for Carrion, coming to Switch on July 23rd, 2020

- Olija is coming to Switch in 2020, new trailer released


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