Super Mighty Power Man Kickstarter cancelled due to interest from a publisher

The most recent Kickstarter update is below...

As you may all have noticed by now we have been quiet for the past few days. One of the reasons for that is because we have been approached by several publishers. We are currently discussing with them alternatives on how to secure the development and the release of Super Mighty Power Man. Even though no contract has been signed yet, we are confident enough to say that the project will get funded and published at some point, which is a great news!

In addition, another reason for our silence was the reception of our Kickstarter campaign. It is right to say that we haven’t succeeded in interesting enough people with our pledge tiers and late release date. Unlike many Kickstarter campaigns that overpromise and end up being late, we weren’t willing to follow a similar path. We are assured, based on the overall interest and tons of positive feedback we got from the press, backers and players that if we had gone crazy by announcing loads of physical rewards and an early release date on all platforms at once, our campaign would have probably succeeded. Nevertheless, it would also have been totally unrealistic to publicize such claims especially coming from an indie studio as small as ours. Therefore, we took the decision to cancel the campaign.

We want to thank you, our beloved backers, for believing in us and our project right from the start.

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter www.boxhedgegames.com. Also, we will use the information gathered with our Kickstarter to letting you know about the future of Super Mighty Power Man!

World End Syndrome - new details on story and characters

■ Story

One summer day, the protagonist moves to the seaside town “Mihate-chou,” which is situated in a cove.

On his first night there, when listening to the “World End Syndrome” local radio station that he happened upon, the popular radio DJ Hikaru Tsukioka spoke of an amazing legend as if it were truth…

For Mihate-chou, this is a fateful year. In this town, there is a legend that the dead are revived every 100 years. Those who returned to this world are called “Yomibito” (People of the Underworld)… and will bring calamity to the town.

Strangely, the case of a missing high school girl occurs in Mihate-chou this year. Could this be an “omen” of a future incident that will occur…?

The protagonist, who transferred to “Mihate High School,” where Maimi attends, joins the Mystery Research Club, or “Mys. Research” for short (a folkloristics research club on the surface), which is advised by Kaori Yamashiro, the school’s Madonna teacher.

The members of the Mys. Research club decided to have a barbecue on the river bed in order to deepen their friendships. However, there they found the bag of the school girl who went missing floating in the river.

—And a few days later, the owner of that bag was discovered as a corpse in the water.

…Yes, this year is the special year that occurs once every 100 years where the “Yomibito” return.

…Meanwhile, the shooting of the Yomibito-themed movie “World End” was going to begin very soon—.

■ System: “Exploration”

After you clear the introduction, you can freely “explore” various spots in Mihate-chou. Choose spots to visit during the morning, afternoon, and evening, interact with the people that visit, and try to get clarification on the mysterious incidents occuring in Mihate-chou. By resolving these mysterious incidents, you will approach the truth of the seemingly plausible “legend.”

■ Characters

Saya Kamishiro (voiced by Mitsuki Nakae)

A prideful and naive young woman. Her father, who represents the proud Japanese confectionery maker “Kamishiro Dou,” provides great economic benefits to the town, and no one talks back to the Kamishiro family.

Hanako Yamada (voiced by Ibuki Kido)

A mysterious transfer student who moved in from the town over. Yamashiro scouts her to join the Mys. Research club, but her “super” shy personality brings misfortune, and her behavior is always extremely suspicious.

Kensuke Asagi (voiced by Yoshitaka Yamaya)

The protagonist’s friend. He is the mood maker of the class, but there are also times when his behavior keeps the girls of the class at a distance. He is extremely weak when it comes to beauties, and is crazy about the school Madonna Yamashiro and super popular idol Rei “Nikarei” Nikaidou.

Kaori Yamashiro (voiced by Manami Numakura)

The teacher of the protagonist’s class. Given that she specializes in the study of folklore, she is also the advisor of the “Mys. Research” club (which researches folkloristics). The school calls her a Madonna due to her beauty. Her novel, “World End,” which is themed after the Yomibito, was an unprecedented mega-hit, and she was the woman of the hour, so to speak

Project Octopath Traveler producer thanks fans for their survey input

Hello, this is Masashi Takahashi, the Producer of project OCTOPATH TRAVELER for Nintendo Switch.

It’s already been two months since we released the project OCTOPATH TRAVELER demo version. The end of October marked the cut-off point for our gameplay survey, and despite only running it for around six weeks, we received 45,500 responses from across the world, which was a great honour and a huge surprise! Thank you all very much for taking part!

We’re reading through each of the responses we’ve received, and we’ll get back to you in due course with the results of the survey. We’ll also provide impressions and ideas that the development team have had in response to your comments.

In the meantime, I just wanted to take this moment to say a big thank you for the wonderful reception you’ve given us so far. We’re working hard on development, and I hope you’ll all continue to support project OCTOPATH TRAVELER!

Pokemon X/Y - Serena G.E.M. figurine pics

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Pokemon GO Travel takes the Global Catch Challenge to Lake Yamanaka, Japan, 2 billion Pokemon caught this week

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Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King - more screens

If you're looking for an old-school Zelda fix, it looks like Blossom Tales is going to be just that. Pretty pumped for this one. Remember, it's going to be a Switch exclusive!