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Go Vacation producer thinks Nintendo will aim for families first on Wii U, gives Wii U game ideas, Go Vacation sequel talk

by rawmeatcowboy
14 December 2011
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“It’s difficult, because I don’t know how much I’m allowed to speak about the Wii U, but as I listened to the Nintendo conference at E3 I imagine that Iwata-san [Nintendo’s president] was saying that it was aiming for a larger audience than it achieved with the Wii. Therefore, from what I assume by looking at the hardware itself right now, it doesn’t seem like the Wii U will be appealing to the real hardcore gamers from the beginning, at least. So what Nintendo will probably do is try to get the kids and the families first, like they did for the Wii, and then enlarge it to the more hardcore gamers.” - Masaya Kobayashi
Mr. Kobayashi also talked about some Wii U gameplay ideas, and then pondered a Go Vacation sequel on Wii U.

“Here’s a quick idea, for example - I imagine if kids are going to be playing on the big TV to play a casual game, the parents might be in the background using the tablet controller. The kids are having fun moving and bouncing around, but sometimes adults don’t really want to move around that much. So the parents can support the kids by clicking icons on the controller, or something. Maybe for Go Vacation... if we decide to make another one for Wii U... in the Wii version of the game you could take photographs. You could probably use the tablet controller as a kind of camera device in that manner, or use it as a wheel and race around with the indicator on the touch screen. Those kinds of small ideas come up to me.”