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Game Informer talks Wii U name change, power and dual tablet controller rumors

by rawmeatcowboy
16 April 2012
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We had a small snippet from this feature up last week, but now we have the full details on Game Informer's article pertaining to Wii U aspects. These comments from the magazine include analyst input as well.

Game Informer on the possibility of Wii U supporting two tablet controllers...

“Pachter says that Nintendo is openly mulling the option, but it presents several problems for them. Supporting two controllers puts more stress on developers, who have to design their games around it. ‘That’s obviously problematic for the launch, because developers have to plan. If you’re a developer, you won’t do it unless it’s subsidized. I think it’s a problem. I think Nintendo is still on a one-controller route.’

“Add in the fact that two of the new controllers ups the cost of entry for the system – a minefield the Wii U is already likely to have to deal with even with one controller. The concept could be too rich for Nintendo’s blood.”

Game Informer believes this rumor is “not likely”.

Game Informer on the chances of Wii U being more powerful than current consoles...

“Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia says that developers told him the Wii U will have 50 percent more processing power than the Xbox 360 and PS3, but Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this rumor. Fifty may seem like a large number, but given the age of the 360 and PS3, as well as the possibility that the next Xbox could be six times more powerful than the 360, this may be less impressive than it sounds.”

Game Informer believes this rumor is “likely”.

Game Informer on the possibility of a Wii U name change

“Sources told CVG that Nintendo is considering re-naming the system after its problematic E3 reveal last year, where people weren’t sure if the Wii U was a new system separate from the Wii. We concur with this sentiment, but perhaps it’s only because we don’t like the name.”

Game Informer believes this rumor to have a 50/50 shot.