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Road Rash spiritual successor Road Redemption 100% confirmed for Wii U

by rawmeatcowboy
23 April 2013
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“The Wii U userbase values great gameplay and unique experiences. We believe that the Wii U is a great fit for Road Redemption.

Nintendo has reached out to independent game developers by wholeheartedly embracing the Unity 4 gaming engine for Wii U development. This was definitely a factor in our decision since we are already working with Unity 4 for the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Road Redemption. We are proud to add the Wii U to the list of Road Redemption’s platforms, and we plan to release Road Redemption on Wii U shortly after releasing on PC, Linux, and Mac. We’re bringing Road Redemption to Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and now the Wii U. We’re building it, from the ground up, to be an amazing experience on mouse, keyboard, and gamepads.” - Project spokesperson Daniel Balazs

This is a direct result of Nintendo's more open stance with indie devs. That, coupled with the Unity support is getting us a game that may not hit other consoles. Let's hope even more devs take this step!