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Terraria - Wii U/3DS details

by rawmeatcowboy
03 August 2015
GN Version 5.0

- more control options on New 3DS
- uses dual-screens as much as possible
- game is running content up to version 1.2, with not all 1.3 content ready for launch
- will get future updates
- doesn't have 3D
- touching to build and dig isn’t compulsory
- Wii U version uses touch/GamePad screen
- no download play
- no voice chat in Wii U
- Miiverse on Wii U
- multiplayer on Wii U lets multiple people use TV and one person use GamePad
- 3DS is 4 player ad hoc
- touch screen for inventory and accessory management, housing management, map usage and more
- CodeGlue is doing the 3DS version
- Engine Software is doing the Wii U version
- Plumber and Hero Outfits may have special coloring
- working on first post-release updates already