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The Childs Sight coming to Switch

Being a kid is scary!
by rawmeatcowboy
27 May 2019
GN Version 5.0

Discover lost moments through the eyes of a baby, as you explore what remains in the attic. Slowly unraveling the story of what happened to you, while lying in the crib unaware and innocent. With every minute as you explore you will remember more. Horrors will become real and clear.

Was it just fear of the unknown that haunts you or is it more?

Something’s may remain faded but one story sticks with you to this very day.
The souls with missing eyes cannot see
It waits in the dark for you or me
The child’s eyes are innocent and pure
With its smile it will try to lure
But don’t go near for it is made with sin
It looks for newborns or next of kin


Simple controls
Randomized AI
Free Roam
Unlockable modes

Forever Entertainment has confirmed for The Childs Sight for release on Switch, but we don't have a release date or price point at this time.

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