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Former Nintendo spokesperson Howard Philips working on Gamemaster Classified: An Insider's Guide to Nintendo's Coming of Age

Already a Kickstarter success
by rawmeatcowboy
10 February 2021
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The ultimate Nintendo fan (Matthew Taranto) teams up with Nintendo’s own Gamemaster (Howard Phillips) to make a tell-all book!

Howard got his start at Nintendo unloading thousands of Donkey Kong arcade machines into a warehouse, but within a decade became Director, Game Creative and "Gamemaster" - a sort of corporate mascot for the company. You might recognize him from Nintendo Power's Howard & Nester comics! Well, the Gamemaster is back to dole out info in a tell-all book about his mostly fun-filled 10 years at Nintendo of America (NOA)! From behind-the-scenes secrets to his own personal reviews of over 100 games, Howard's ready to prove what we always knew--that knowledge is (Nintendo) power!

Both Howard and Matthew turned to Kickstarter to fund the project, and it's already reached its funding goal. You can still kick in some cash and help hit stretch goals here.