Have you been getting splatted over and over again due to the Splatoon 3 Tenta Missile glitch? It’s certainly frustrating, but at least you can see the missiles coming. Wouldn’t it be more frustrating if you couldn’t even see who or what was hitting you? Unfortunately, that’s the focus of the latest Splatoon 3 glitch.

As you can see in the tweet above, using the Sloshing Machine weapon in certain spots will let you splat an opponent when you shouldn’t be able to. You’ll need to fire on them from a particularly thin part of the level design, which causes the ink to splat through on the other side. Long story short, depending on where your opponents stand, they can be killed without them even seeing you.

Splatoon 3 is getting a big update tomorrow, as we’ve previously detailed. Hopefully the Big N is aware of this bug, and tomorrow’s update will do away with it.

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2y ago

I don't know if that is what was happening, but I know I was having a really hard time against the slosher. Also with tenta missles. Made the game less fun.