Nintendo has announced that the physical edition of Bayonneta 1 has been delayed in Europe. It will now be released exclusively via the My Nintendo Store sometime during the first half of October. Delays are always unfortunate, but at least this one is only for a couple of weeks at the most, and if you really can’t wait, the game has been available digitally from the Nintendo eShop since 2018.

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2y ago


The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 CE has been delayed until the first half of October too, I just got the mail... *nervous laughter*


2y ago

That's some "stunt" pulled by Nintendo and Platinum Games. I say they, really it's Nintendo, they call the shots. This should have been included in the physical edition of the double pack of 1&2 back in February 2018, but they cheaped out and only 2 was on cartridge. Now they're asking people to pay again if they want to own it properly this time.