The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition update was released very recently on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, along with this update have come reports of crashes, slowdown, and other bugs.

A new video from Xiphos Gaming examines these issues by tracking the game’s framerate and performance in various areas. At certain points, the framerate appears to drop well below 30 frames, showing a lot of lag and judder on screen. Watch it for yourself above to get a look at just how these issues are affecting the game. Hopefully, Bethesda will respond and fix things soon.

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xiphos gaming

2y ago

Really annoyed how badly they messed this game up!

Also, thanks for featuring my video, very much appreciated :D


2y ago

Ouch so they managed to degrade performance with this update?! I have the base game on Switch but never got to starting it. Picked it up on sale for €20.


2y ago

Seventy Federal reserve notes, everyone.

Kind of shocked how many times this game is going to get “rereleased”


2y ago

Bethesda deserves all the criticism it's getting for this overpriced port of a port of a port... And even more for it being shoddy.


2y ago

"Hopefully, Bethesda will respond and fix things soon."
What a good joke.


2y ago

Man, I'm glad I picked up the cartridge version of the original so I won't be stuck with this patch. The original actually runs great on Switch.

Sad to see lack of proper QA go into this patch, real disappointing.