When Nintendo and PlatinumGames started working together, it was quite surprising to fans of both companies. For a myriad or reasons, gamers never really saw Nintendo and Platinum as companies that would pair nicely, yet nowadays, the two companies are incredibly close. It seems like that collaborative relationship is going to continue in the future.

In an interview with Videogames Chronicle, PlatinumGames CEO Atsushi Inaba talked about their current relationship with Nintendo, and the desire to grow it going forward. It very much sounds like Nintendo is going to be a big part of whatever Platinum aims to do in the future.

Well obviously, (Nintendo’s former licensing GM and managing director of sales and planning, Takao) Yamane didn’t leave Nintendo on bad terms at all and this partnership that we have with Nintendo is very important to us right now and will be moving forward. I think with Yamane-san joining us here, PlatinumGames can definitely build an even stronger relationship with Nintendo moving forward. That can only be a positive thing for PlatinumGames. So yeah, we’re very glad to have him on board.

[PlatinumGames CEO Atsushi Inaba]
Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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2y ago

So far it’s been a great partnership. Long may it continue


2y ago

Platinum have had a lot of ups and downs, and their lowest seems to be Babylon's Fall...Which fell hard (Interestingly Nier: Automata was one of the biggest games they were on board with), but when they partner with Nintendo the result is always great. Some of my all time fav games have come out of their partnership.

I truly wish Platinum all the best in the independent market, but it's a brutal world, and if it doesn't work Nintendo should just acquire the, Platinum truly have the Nintendo DNA running them.

Anyways, I sure hope they will be one of the first devs to have fun with Switch's successor. If rumours are to be believed it'll be a pretty nice leap and how great woukd it be with a Platinum game at launch =)

the schaef

2y ago

I don't understand the people who said that Nintendo x Platinum didn't make sense. Inaba worked on the Ace Attorney series, and then with Clover he did Viewtiful Joe and Okami. Platinum grew out of the comany he founded - SEEDS - and has a bunch of former Clover guys working there. Not all of their games are winners but they have produced a lot of creative and original properties going all the way back to their Clover days. It always made perfect sense to me.


2y ago

I’m all for these two working together as often as possible!