UPDATE: Nintendo isn’t the only one upset about this situation, as YouTube is as well. YouTube has since stepped in to ban the accounts of Ikinone Tomeru and Kikaze Kimono for violating the company’s policy on nudity and sexual content. You can see our original post on the matter below.

Splatoon 3 continues to be one of the most popular games over in Japan. People stream it every day and they come up with a lot of unique ways to do so to keep viewers entertained. However, some streamers and vtubers may have overdone it, as lately the hashtag #avスプラ became popular on Twitter, literally translating to ‘Splatoon[AdultContent]Video’. They would use the enemy’s ink as a greenscreen to play the videos over it.

The hashtag became so popular that Nintendo Japan had to step up and release a statement, in which they remind content creators about streaming guidelines and how they have the right to take down content and even take legal action.

Here’s the tweet regarding the issue:


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2y ago

Deux’s rumor is true! Nintendo is against bazooms and butts


2y ago

With things like this, it's really not surprising Nintendo Japan is so weary and tight-fisted when it comes to creator content.


2y ago

Hey Japanese streamers, it's YouTube, not BlueTube. You know what, without searching, I bet that's a real thing. 🟦 🧪