An update has been pushed live for Fall Guys. We don’t know the version number of this update, but we do have the full patch notes. You can read the complete details on this update below.

The upcoming Wormhole Wanderers Event does result in a reduction in the total number of Rounds in Solos, Squads, or Duos.

We’re removing and replacing some Rounds due to issues found during testing. Here’s a list of Rounds we’re adding into Solos, Squads and Duos:

  • Slime Climb
  • Lily Leapers
  • Volleyfall
  • Pegwin Pool Party. Pegwin Pursuit will also be added to Squads and Duos only.

Here is what we’re removing from Solos, Squads and Duos:

  • Low-Gravity Ski Fall Variation
  • Starchart
  • Tip Toe
  • Tundra Run
  • Big Fans

Team Tail Tag will also be removed from Squads and Duos only.

  • Custom Lobbies Shows which include the above Rounds will also be disabled.
  • We’ve also fixed the Pixel Painters exploit – players will no longer be able to climb over the pillars in order to sabotage other teams.
  • Players on Switch will no longer see all doors open on Lost Temple & will be able to see celebrations on the Squads victory screen
  • Re-enables video capture on Nintendo Switch (but this is causing some performance issues)

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