Kirby and the Forgotten Land only just came out today and we are already seeing players discover hidden details and Easter Eggs scattered across the game. One of these hidden gems in particular comes as soon as the first level, and it’s one you might easily miss if you’re not listening for it. The video posted below showcases how the birds singing in the background of the game’s first stage are actually singing to the tune of the game’s main theme, give it a listen!

It seems as though the folks over at HAL Laboratory really put lots of love into crafting some of the environments for this game! We’re sure there’s even more cool stuff hidden in this game that’s just waiting to be discovered. What has been your favorite Kirby and the Forgotten Land Easter Egg so far?

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2+ y ago

I'm glad I was caught playing Kirby and not something else :x


2+ y ago


Don't you worry. If I saw you playing something...interesting, I would have blurred out your name!


2+ y ago

Neat! I love little touches like this.