Switch firmware update 14.0.0 arrived a few days back, and it included, among other things, the ability to create folde…I mean, GROUPS for your games. That was obviously the spotlight of the update, but there’s another little tidbit in there you might be interested to know.

With some firmware updates, Nintendo sneaks in a Joy-Con update as well. That’s exactly the case with version 14.0.0. This Joy-Con update doesn’t happen automatically; you have to manually trigger the update by going to System Settings, and then Controllers and Sensors. Once there, select Update Controllers, and you’re good to go.

What does this update do? The hell if we know, as Nintendo didn’t share any details! Let’s just pretend it makes the Joy-Con that much better!

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2+ y ago

I think these joy-con updates are tricking my controllers to never get drift anymore.


2+ y ago


I wish it would trick mine too. My original pair from release are not doing so well.

Nintendo should fix those for ya! I had 3 pairs get drift and ninty fixed them all for free. It's been a while since I had any drift issues thankfully.


2+ y ago

@streex the issue with the free repairs is that they say "We might have to send you back different colored ones."