Are you the type to wait till the last minute? Well, this is the last minute if you’re a Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl player looking to add the legendary Shaymin to your collection! The in-game event making this possible began on February 28th of this year, and it officially ends tomorrow morning, March 27th, at 7:59 a.m. (PDT).

In order to claim Shaymin for yourself, you’ll need to have your game connected to the Internet, and have gained access to the Mystery Gift feature. From there, Professor Oak will guide you to finding your newest little buddy. Read the guide on the official site for detailed instructions as to how to make it all work. But do it fast, or you might miss out on the opportunity!

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2+ y ago

Do we know if the item needed stays in your inventory after today? I have it downloaded but am no where near the point in the story to use it. I would hate to have missed my chance. Next to skuntank, shaymin is probably my favorite Pokémon.


2+ y ago


Yes, the Oak's Letter item stays in your inventory permanently. If you've already got it, there is no need to worry about a deadline.

I noticed a few others confused about this article's wording on Twitter, I think perhaps it might be beneficial for this to be updated to let everyone know that as long as you've claimed the item, you can still catch Shaymin.


2+ y ago

Finally patched, even if I had saved at Shaymin through other means (lots of glitches in release days 1.1), getting this and the darkrai ticket still feels like something not to miss, thought there was some other active mystery gift too, but dont recall what, and it proably needed entering a code.