A couple months back, we learned that Witch on the Holy Night would see release on Switch in Japan on Dec. 8th, 2022. That was followed by a confirmation of a North American and European release on the same day. Since then, multiple trailers for the game have been shared, and today brings us a character video for Touko Aozaki. You can check out that trailer above.

Set in 1980s Japan, Witch on the Holy Night tells the story of fan-favorite TYPE-MOON character Aoko Aozaki as she attempts to navigate the complex world of magecraft while also dealing with the everyday struggles of life as a high school student! Players will experience the thrilling origin story of this much-beloved character, penned by Kinoko Nasu, famed creator of the Fate series, himself.

We don’t know how Witch on the Holy Night will be released at this time, but a digital-only launch is most likely. If detail on a physical release are shared, we’ll bring them to you.


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A western physical is unlikely but at least the japanese one will feature english subtitles: