Sea of Stars, the retro-styled RPG from the team behind The Messenger, will see release on Switch sometime in 2023. While we wait, the dev team has shared a new gameplay clip, and this one focuses on locks.

Enemies that mount spells or special skills will display a bar with locks, each with an icon of a certain damage type. Breaking locks will weaken the upcoming move, while breaking all of them will cancel it altogether.

Each of the six playable characters can dish out damage efficiently in one or two of the types, further supported by their skill/spell kit which offers pattern variations (like AoE or multi-hit).

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1+ y ago

Without a doubt the messenger is one of my favourite games. From the music, to the level design and story to the time travel mechanic. This game is apparently set in the same universe, and, whilst I will pick it up, I’m a bit disappointed it wasn’t more Zelda-esque, as I’m not a big fan of Jrpgs. Sabotage do assure us however, that it won’t involve tedious levelling up.