Creatures Inc. has 1989, where they worked with Nintendo help create Mother. Creatures Inc. has only ever worked with Nintendo, and primarily focuses on creating Pokemon games with the Pokémon Company.

While there’s no doubt Creatures Inc. is working on something else Pokémon-related, a recent job listing from the company mentions something very interesting. Apparently the gang at Creatures Inc. is looking at whatever hardware gets released after the Switch.

The job listing referenced above is for a 3D CG modeler, but more importantly, it specifically references “research and development for other next-generation hardware.” Following that, the job listing also makes mention of both Unity and Unreal Engine for project development.

It’s highly likely Creatures Inc. is gearing up for whatever Nintendo has lined up next in terms of hardware. With this listing just surfacing now, you’d have to imagine we’re at least 2-3 years away from the Switch’s successor. Again, that’s all speculation based on one job listing, but it’s an exciting discovery nonetheless!

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1+ y ago

It’s a pretty vague and generic job description to be fair.