Everyone knows that when a game is releasing for Switch alongside other hardware, the Switch version will have to make some visual concessions. This usually means a drop in overall fidelity and framerate, if not even more severe cuts. That said, developers still try to do their best in bringing Switch owners the best port possible.

SEGA appears very confident in what they’ve been able to achieve with Sonic Frontiers on Switch. In an interview with Gamereactor, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka says the Hedgehog Engine has made it possible to bring Sonic Frontiers to a variety of platforms, and even though Switch is less powerful than the other hardware the game is heading to, we can still expect a high-quality experience.

It is extremely challenging to develop on this incredibly wide spectrum of hardware. But the good thing is we are using the Hedgehog Engine. The Hedgehog Engine is an internally developed engine we have been using since Sonic Generations, and we have been updating it since 2010 when the game was in development, to really make sure that multiplatform development is as easy as it can be. And we have been working on polishing all of those multiplatform abilities and capabilities of the engine. And as we saw with Sonic Forces, yes, we were able to deliver a game across not only the very low-end spec machines, but also the high-end spec machines.

Our artists are making tons of content at very high levels, and if you got this great and amazing high-spec PC, that’s great. But we also want to make sure, that people who are playing on the Nintendo Switch have the same experience. So, we are not necessarily using the same high-end assets, but the Hedgehog Engine is able to reduce it to a size were it’s going to look very comparable on a Nintendo Switch, as it is to a high-end PC.

[Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka]

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Either the Switch version is very good and pushing the absolute limits of the hardware, or the PC version isn’t that great. Then again, “comparable” is subjective.